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Here at Slix Car Care we offer a wide range of options to enhance, restore, repair and protect all of your leather surfaces.

to be able to offer this specialist service we have completed a full training course with Colourlock UK, Colourlock are one of the UK's leading leather surface repair & restoration product specialists. 

Leather Deep Cleanse:

Over time leather gathers and collects grease, oils and dirt into the textured polyurethane top coat leaving the finish to be dulled, mucky and generally lack luster.

Using the Colourlock products we are able to safely and effectively deep clean leather surfaces using a mixture of water based and solvent based products to ensure the best possible finish and restore what can look like leather that needs replacing to looking brand new! By stripping away the layer of dirt and oils and then protecting the clean surface we can restore leather to its original colour (depending on the surface condition) and make it easier to maintain in the future with the correct products.

Leather Repair:

In cases where the leather is damaged or beyond restoring by cleaning methods we can also repair and recolour your leather. damage we can repair includes holes, scuffs, cracks, scratches and general wear. to be able to do this we obtain a matched colour for your specific leather and repair, prep, colour and protect the surface. by doing this process properly we can completely refresh your leather and obtain a durable finish which matches in with the other leather in the vehicle. In some cases the way to achieve the best finish is to opt for a the full seat/surface to be repaired and recoloured.

If you are unsure on what you require or need any help regarding any of our leather repair services feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing or discussion to help find what suits your's and your vehicles requirements!

Why not also add additional protection to your leather with one of our interior ceramic coating packages. 

Contact us today to discuss or book this service.

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