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We are proud to be a  Ceramic Pro approved detailer. 

Ceramic Pro is a​n advanced revolutionary protective  ceramic coating​ that is applied in a series of coats​ that ​both​ protect and enhances the appearance of 

​your vehicle's paint​, glass, wheels and all exterior surfaces. It can ​also be used on the the ​interior leather, plastics and carpet.


​I​t is THE MOST ADVANCED paint protection system, and ​is regarded as the ​peak of car care technology.

​The unique ceramic molecular compounds 

(nanoceramics) forming a solid coating​ on top of the applied surface, making it very durable​.

​This ceramic coating has​ unrivalled​ possibilities for the ​preservation of ​many surfaces of cars, aircraft,​ industrial objects, ​textiles and all types of​

 accessories. It guarantees ​the​ protection of any surface.

  • Ceramic Pro helps to preserve attractiveness and increase service life of ​your vehicle's paintwork and surfaces​

  • Ceramic Pro means the ​cutting edge​ standards of detailing 

  • Ceramic Pro is an up to date​ method of complex 

    ​nano-ceramic protection

  • Ceramic Pro guarantees ​the care and ​protection of any surfac​e​​

​These products has been officially tested and certified by “SGS”, ​which is ​the world’s leading verification​, testing​ and certification company.

please see for more information and pricing guidlines.

Ceramic Coating Nottingham
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