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Please note the worx is a paintwork condition focussed package which includes a wash, chemical and mechanical decontamination, a layer of polish, a coat of sealant, a coat of wax and wheel wax and finally a light interior valet.

If your vehicle does need a more intensive interior valet please let us know and we can advise you to the additional cost on this package.


£Price Upon Request

Pre wash


Starting with applying NLD wheel cleaner to the wheels to remove brake dust and other contaminants, a ph neutral pre wash and a citrus bug remover to the body work removing as much debris and muck off the car before we start the shampooing stages. After this the vehicle is jet washed to remove products and dirt. Following this we apply NLD Foam snow foam pre wash which is designed to encapsulate dirt on the body work and remove it as it drips off the car, once left to dwell the car will be pressure washed again. Prior to washing we will apply a iron fallout remover to the alloys to remove any embedded iron particles.



Whilst the vehicle is still wet it will be washed with NLD wash, a PH neutral body work shampoo which will be applied with a deep pile microfibre mitt (we do not use sponges as these typically can cause scratching and marring of paintwork) using a 2 bucket method containing cyclone grit guards. The first bucket has hot water to rinse off any dirt the wash mitts have removed from the car and the second bucket contains our shampoo solution to apply to the car.  Once completed all residue will be pressure washed from the car.



Once the car has been rinsed we will dry the car using a large, very deep pile microfiber cloth to ensure we do not mark the paintwork. And using smaller deep pile microfiber clothes to get into all the crevices of the car (under the bonnet, door shuts, and boot and around windows). Once the car is dry we leave it for 10 minutes to allow any excess water to drip down the car so we can then clean and dry any watermarks using a fresh cloth and finally go over the car with a detailing solution to give a deep shine.



This process is very important to the overall look and feel of your vehicles paintwork. As you drive a car the paint work will pick up hard to remove contaminants such as tar and iron particle and other contaminants that a normal wash will not remove. First we will spray a iron fallout remover on the paint and once fully reacted jet wash it off, and then the same process with a tar remover. Then we shall clay the car concentrating on one panel of the car at a time whilst continuously ensuring the body work stays lubricated to make sure there is no scratching of the paint. After this process is completed the paint work on your car will be as smooth as glass.


polishing will assist the protection applied afterwards as it helps clean and smooth the surface and help the wax stick to the surface for longer, we tend to opt for a product such as Britemax AIO when polishing by hand.


A sealant is a more durable form of paint protection that doesnt tend to have the finishing qualitys of a wax, to get round this we apply a sealant before applying a wax to give the best finish with the maximum durability. We use Britemax Extreme Elements sealant.


Waxing is the final process on the bodywork where we will apply our final coating to reveal the ultimate shine and provide you a long lasting protective coating against the weather.  We currently use Britemax vantage wax.

Wheel Wax

Finally we can apply a wax to the wheels to help repel brake dust and general grime helping keep your wheels cleaner for longer. 


Optional Upgrades

Wax Upgrade

Definitive Wax Ascari

"Definitive Wax – Ascari™ is an advanced automotive wax specifically formulated to have strong dirt repellency, high gloss and paint protection properties. Hand blended using cosmetic grade Carnauba wax and fortified with a unique blend of polymers."

(additional £10)

Glass Sealant

Finally we can apply a protective layer to your glass to help repel rain, water and general grime helping keep your glass cleaner for longer and aid visibility. 

(additional £30 for windscreen or £60 for all the glass on your vehicle)



We will apply a tyre and trim dressing to your vehicle to make all the non painted parts of your vehicle shine, then we shall polish your exhaust tips with mothers metal polish. Finally we will clean and polish your glass with NLD Glass.

This process will give you a show ready finish that will last, executed by people who are passionate about cars and detailing and genuinely care for your vehicle.



Now the outside is complete, we will start on the interior using a carpet brush and vacuum removing any dirt in the carpet and seats followed by a wipe down of the interior trims with NLD APC (all purpose cleaner) the leather will also be wiped down with NLD Leather and plastics dressed with NLD Dash.

Contact us today to discuss or book this service.

Tel: 07903561880


Or book online.

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